Scottish electro producer Galaxian, real name Mark Kastner, will release his first album in over a decade.

We Are Power follows Galaxian releases on Helena Hauff’s Return to Disorder and Ilian Tape, plus a collaborative EP with DJ Stingray. Across 11 tracks, he ruminates on the confrontation and power clash between humankind and nature. What is authentic power? What is granted power? What is innate natural power? How is power accessed, wielded, utilised, and felt?

Sonically, we’re told that although the album is “quintessential Galaxian,” his blistering beats and razor-edged rhythms have been softened, his menace has melted, and the angst has “slightly soothed.” The album will be out as a label collaboration between Shipwrec and Berlin’s Foul-Up.

Known for performing in an aviation mask, Kastner melds polyrhythms, complex sound structures, and dark ambient textures to create what’s become a trademark take on Detroit electro. Repent, his latest album, landed in 2010.


01. Out of Balance
02. Fields of Meaning
03. Without Form
04. Full Spectrum Resistance
05. Anatomy of a Modern Lie
06. Natural Energy
07. Messianic Delusions
08. In Reverse
09. Universal Truths
10. We Are Power (The Final Assault)
11. Code of Existence

We Are Power LP is scheduled for May 23 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “We Are Power (The Final Assault)” in full below and pre-order here.

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