Sean La’Brooy will release a new EP on Francis HarrisScissor and Thread.

La’Brooy is an Australian producer and composer currently based in New York, whose work traverses ambient, jazz, and house music. He is the co-founder of Australian ambient label Analogue Attic Recordings, where he has released two albums including There’s Always Next Year.

On Merchant, he delivers five dreamy and versatile tracks featuring his distinct style of harmonically complex pads mixed with jazz-influenced instrumental melodies and solos.

“With Merchant, I’ve tried my hardest to establish a unique identity while featuring five tracks that feel totally different at the same time,” La’Brooy explains. “Different concepts, genres, tempos, instrumentation, still with a red thread to connect them all. In my mind, those commonalities are defined by a particular mood or sentiment, the use of playful melodies, and a reliance on acoustic rhythms throughout.”


01. Snow Storm
02. Cargo
03. Pilot feat. Joseph Batrouney
04. Storage Room feat. Leo Yucht
05. Helipad

Merchant EP is scheduled for November 3 release. Meanwhile, you can stream clips below and pre-order here.

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