A sonic time capsule soundtracking life changes after relocating from the UK to LA, Seb Wildblood announces his idyllic sophomore studio album do you feel it too?, set for release 18th May 2022 on his own label, all my thoughts, and his 2022 world tour. The news comes alongside Seb Wildblood’s dreamy new piano house single ‘for emotional use only’. Accompanied by a limited run of vinyl, numbered 1 to 50, which also features previous single ‘Jobi’ – described by RA as “uplighting 90s electronica at its best” – on the B side, and is the follow up to his plush and laidback recent single, ‘Keep On ft. Ouri’.

Speaking on the single, Seb Wildblood says:

“When approaching the album track selection, I’d often think of it as a DJ Set, and wonder where each track could fit. FEUO is definitely the crescendo of the record, built for those peak time moments.”

A blissful, emotive record fusing 90’s piano chords, groove-laden, minimalist tech-house sentiments, fuelled by sublime LA scapes and informed by his early education and influence in dance music, do you feel it too? celebrates a renewed sense of togetherness and empathy after a period of relative solitude. A rebirth of sorts, having felt passive and creatively stifled, the album is about being present in the moment. It’s a record largely directed at the dance floor, touching on many of the references that have led Seb Wildblood to this point in his sonic journey, and is the precursor to his forthcoming world tour, which will see him take the album across US, UK, EU, Australia, Mexico, Canada and South America, with more to be announced.

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