Jauz has a unique and signature sound that has catapulted him to the level of superstar within the bass house scene. 

He is originally been from the Bay Area, which means we thought there would be no better time than on the San Fransisco stop of his Block Party tour to check out what everyone is raving (pun intended) about. 

Jauz and his team were nice enough to let us be a fly on the wall and tag along with. him backstage and beyond so that we could capture all of the best moments of what it’s like from the artist’s perspective. 

At the end of the night, we even had a chance to it down with the producer and talk about the tour, the city, and more.

Photos from Jauz’s SF Tour Stop In 2022

Magnetic’s Interview With Jauz

Magnetic: So you’re originally from the Bay Area. Are you excited to be back here for today’s block party?

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