Imagine Festival is done and dusted, and we are finally coming down from the insane amounts of fun we had at the festival. Well, that and because we’ve been knee-deep in editing all of the photos we managed to arrange while on-site at the festival. 

We captured some seriously fun moments from that festival and also had the opportunity to sit down with Adventure Club to talk about their time at the festival, what they have coming up in the pipeline, and so much more. 

So let’s dive into the photo gallery so you can see what you missed at the festival and then jump into the interview we had with bass music’s favorite duo.

Tell us what it was like playing at the pool party at Imagine just now.

So we had a little bit of a grind getting here. We were at Nocturnal last night which was in California, and we finished at about 1 am Atlanta time and we had to be onstage in Atlanta at 1pm. So we had 12 hours to get to the airport, which if anyone has ever driven in LA they know traffic is awful like any day anytime, it’s pretty horrendous traffic so we pretty well just made our flight—got here. Just made the set, and haven’t slept for two days, but despite all of that we had a fantastic time, the energy was just contagious and had a little water, had a white claw, and I’m loving it. I thought it was a fantastic show. Amazing crowd.

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