Selador Recordings has announced its 10th-anniversary celebrations, which will incorporate a series of vinyl and digital releases featuring collaborations and a concert series.

The main event will be held at Studio 338 in London, in partnership with the team behind the respected Warm Up Festival.

Founded in 2013 by Dave Seaman and Steve Parry, Selador has continued to explore new horizons in dance music, with the label’s signature rabbit head logo synonymous with quality productions.

As Dave Seaman told 909originals recently, “There are a lot of artists involved [in the 10th anniversary celebrations] and a lot of organisation that is going into it. […] We’re in discussions about further parties too through May and June so hopefully we’ll be milking it!”

Read the full interview with Dave Seaman here.

The anniversary releases will showcase collaborations between several artists who have previously featured on the label. The roster includes 3D (Danny Howells, Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman) x Robert Owens, Olivier Giacomotto x Quivver, Jepe x Argia, Anthony Pappa x Jamie Stevens x Alice Rose, and Dave Seaman x Hernan Cattaneo.

Other artists, including Steve Parry, Tokyo Fan Club, Just Her, Hannes Bieger, Smash TV, Timo Maas, Renato Cohen, and Robert Babicz, are set to be added in due course.

The first digital EP will be released on March 24, followed by a vinyl EP on April 21.

The celebration culminates in the 10th birthday party at Studio 338 on Easter Sunday. In addition to headliners Hernan Cattaneo, Steve Parry, and Dave Seaman, long-time label artist Just Her and Warm Up residents will also perform. Tickets for that can be found here.

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