One of our favorite all-time travel headphones is the PXC-55Os which came out in 2016 and still remains in the rotation for long-haul trips. The 550s are the perfect combination of comfort, lightweight, incredible sound, good battery life, and active noise canceling (ANC). We never got the chance to test the 550 IIs and didn’t feel the need to try them.

Now, six years later, we have been presented with an evolution of the MOMENTUM line that possesses similar traits, although a bit bulkier and sporting some impressive stats. The MOMENTUM 4 is the culmination of what Sennheiser does best when launching new headphones, with the noticeable improvements consumers look for when buying next-generation products.

The MOMENTUM 4 brings the improved sound, ANC, onboard mics, comfort, and incredible battery life. We spent a couple of weeks with these headphones in various conditions to get a well-rounded perspective of how they perform; here is what we found.

Like the previous editions of the Momentum and the PPX line, the 4’s are purpose-built to keep music in and the world out. They provide a comfy, peaceful sanctuary that dulls outside noise and brings your music front and center with a rich, full sound that will please even the picky audiophile types (well, maybe, they are pretty difficult to please).

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