Serge Devant

Serge Devant is an accomplished producer and DJ, signed on Emerald City, Knee Deep In Sound, and Circus Recordings with performances for international brands such as Day Zero, Music On, Get Lost, and Paradise. Back on July 8th, Serge dropped his Hush Hush EP on Crosstown Rebels

Making his return to Damian Lazarus‘ acclaimed label, the NYC talent boasts a release featuring tunes that were produced reaching back as far as 2015.

We chatted with Serge Devant about his new Hush Hush EP, production, touring in 2022, and more.

What was the reasoning behind not signing ‘Flashback’ sooner, as a single or as part of your numerous EP releases?

I was working on a few tracks at the time and signing the ones that made sense in relation to the EP. I guess ‘Flashback’ didn’t really find its time back then.

I’ve played it here and there but not often. Also it never really felt finished to me, maybe that’s why it stayed behind. It also had a different skeleton at the time, I had to revisit it for this release. Different percussion and baseline and added another sound in the break. I kept the arrangement the same with vocals and trumpet.

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