Seth Troxler is welcoming slackers worldwide to their new home with the launch of his Slacker 85 label. Spearheaded by the release of Seth’s new single ‘Pills’, Slacker 85 is far beyond just an outlet for music releases, taking the stage as an all-encompassing lifestyle brand that fuses music, art, and apparel under a single slacking umbrella.

Seth comments: “Welcome, the playground is open. This is my latest fantasy – and my new label. My swan song, my legacy act. I’ve never had a label just for me. All my ideas no filter. No compromise. I’m sick of cool, of posture. I wanted to make something that represented me, you and everyone I know. The anti-hero, the kids who could have done it but didn’t care to try. The slacker. And believe me, it’s going to get weird. A channel into my strange, dark and bizarre mind. Join me.”

The label launches with the long-awaited release of ‘Pills’, a low-slung acid groove that has been an in-demand staple of Seth’s DJ sets around the world over the past year.

“Pills” is also the first salvo from the launch EP, SLACKER001, which brings together Seth and three more artists with their own takes on modern electronic music, and will introduce fans to Slacker 85’s remit for the oddball, esoteric & diverse sounds that are forthcoming from a wide range of artists and genres. Further EP cuts from Jackmaster, Ghoulish, and Cesar Merveille will all be released on Slacker 85 in the coming weeks, with an extensive release schedule of singles, EP, and albums to be announced in the coming weeks.

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