Revered Shlømo has been hailed as a Godfather to modern club culture in France over the past decade. After releasing a string of collaborations with artists like Vladimir Cauchemar, KRL MX and Peligre, as well as a full EP under his Vipa Diva moniker last year, ‘The Daddiest’ now returns to his own Taapion Records with his highly-anticipated new single, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’. Out now across all streaming platforms, the aptly titled production marks an official solo comeback for one of techno’s most in-demand artists.

Alongside the release of ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, Shlømo also announces the new schedule for his latest run of Welcome Back Devil events, which includes a host of dates across Europe and North America.

Shlømo’s mighty comeback single ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ is another masterclass in high-impact techno that champions the mind-crushing energy that we’ve come to know and love from the Frenchman’s output. Unlike most Hard Techno cuts, Shlømo’s latest offering balances feel and function with ease, providing listeners with an unrelenting club experience that’s rich in sonic exploration. Perfect for those peak time moments and conducive to the darkened, sweaty clubs in which his brand of techno was born, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ is both raw and celestial, playing with a rhythmic intensity that only serves to compliment his collage of vibrant, industrial synth hits. A sublime concoction of Techno, Schranz and IDM, Shlømo’s solo revival proves once again why he remains a pioneer of his craft.

Shlømo’s commitment to the progression of Techno’s underground realms has ensured his continued relevance in an ever-evolving music scene and has positioned him as one of the most sought-after artists in dance music. Curating the ever-popular, internationally-renowned Welcome Back Devil event series, as well as his acclaimed Taapion imprint.

Shlømo – I’m Not Done Yet is out now via Taapion Records:

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