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In Sayerville, New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom, the crowd seeing THE DRIVER ERA went wild. And then they went wild again. And then they went wild again. Sometimes, it was expected; beloved band member Ross Lynch might’ve pulled off a surprise breakdance move or announced a fan-favorite song, for example. But sometimes, fervent cheers ensued just because he’d taken a drink of water. 

Seriously—a quick sip from a plastic water bottle caused the crowd to lose their minds. Even Ross laughed at that, cheekily taking a second drink to cue the screams once more.

THE DRIVER ERA’s first show of their 57-stop 2022 tour was an undeniable success.

We’re not surprised. Read Magnetic’s interview with THE DRIVER ERA here.

Photos of THE DRIVER ERA in Concert

Who Opened for THE DRIVER ERA?

An integral part of THE DRIVER ERA’s success was their openers. Bands almost Monday and Summer Salt (who will accompany THE DRIVER ERA for their U.S. shows) kicked things off with spunk and sweetness, respectively. 

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