Two produces with wildly different sonic pallets collide into something truly unique as Sigrid Rosier and TRSTN collide to release their latest single ‘Gidora.’

Sigrid Rosier’s dominant sound is of driving techno beats, but his flair for the ambient and melodic, exemplified in his tracks such as ‘Eros’ and ‘Grey Goose,’ certainly play its part this latest collaboration. 

Conversely, TRSTN’s signature sound is a unique take on the popular genres of trap and future bass. His breakout single, ‘Burn,’ caught fire years ago (pun only semi-intended) and familiar elements of this single are also seen throughout ‘Gidora.’

The heavy saturation and crushed dynamics on the drums induce a raw intensity that is mirrored in the single’s artwork. While this creates the rhythmic backbone of the single, dazzling synth lines play off kilter melodies that don’t fee like they should work, but manage to work their magic in an incredible way. Spaced through the composition are splashes of melodic vocal lines that keep section fresh and engaging. 

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