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In music, staying on brand is more important now than ever before. With a sea of producers and DJs all vying for a limited amount of attention from the masses, having something that both the artist and potential fans can latch onto is essential.

But unless you have thousands of dollars to invest in some expensive lighting rig or stage production, it can be hard to access the same branding elements that your favorite artists and producers do. Luckily, Sketch & Etch offers a pretty sweet solution.

What Is Sketch & Etch

Founded in 2015 by two friends, Sketch & Etch’s entire mission is to create lasting impressions through light.

Over the past half-decade, what started as a two-person company quickly grew into a global team of designers, artists, and geniuses who create excellent LED lighting custom for your space, event, or business.

Think of what they do as the next generation of branded-neon signs they make for the consumer market. And while many other companies are doing similar things to them, Sketch & Etch stands out from the crowd for myriad reasons.

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