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Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist SnakeFoot will release his sophomore album, Ends, on Dome of Doom.

SnakeFoot wrote, performed, and recorded a bulk of the music over the last few years, and he included members of his SnakeFoot Orchestra in the process: Stephanie Wilson on vocals and flute, Derek Rice on wurlitzer, Grass Mansion on sax, and Nick Nunca on vocals, guitar, and co-production. The recordings are a culmination of online file-sharing and in-person recording sessions.

He created the release with the intention of exploring the emotional impact behind the title’s dual meaning. One angle connecting into the apocalyptic energy pervasive within a world controlled by a pandemic. The other simply relating to one’s resources and navigation routes in life.

We’re told that the record pushes forward the vibrant worlds of his debut album, Retronyms, and expands into new frontiers of sound. The intention was to simply make the “most listenable experimental music possible,” we’re told. Some tracks bleed into the world of electronic music where one person is controlling a multitude of gears and others feel more soul-drenched and band-derived.

SnakeFoot was located in Vermont for 10 years prior to hitting California and connecting with the Los Angeles music community. A performance at Beat Cinema led to him forming a relationship with Dome of Doom for his debut in 2018.

Included as a bonus to the cassette and digital download version on Bandcamp are five extra tracks. Written and recorded during the same sessions that compiled the Ends LP, these additional pieces “book-end the new record in an entirely new way,” we’re told.


01. Uncorruptable ft. Mestizo
02. Death Decay ft. Stephanie Wilson
03. Ends ft. Grass Mansion
04. Sippin ft. Nick Nunca
05. Cake Informer
06. Back To Acid
07. Dropping Out
08. Cloud Chamber ft. Stephanie Wilson
09. Summer Grain
10. Windose ft. Stephanie Wilson
11. All You Need*
12. Drug Fumble*
13. Scenter*
14. Power Bloq*
15. Essence Tape*
*Cassette & Bandcamp Only Bonus Tracks

Ends LP is scheduled for March 26 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Uncorruptable” ft. Mestizo in full below and pre-order here.

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