Few acts merged the worlds of dance and pop music at the start of the 90s as successfully as SNAP!, whose album World Power helped kickstart the Eurodance movement.

A project of Frankfurt producers Benito Benites (Michael Münzing) and John “Virgo” Garrett III (Luca Anzilotti), World Power launched the careers of vocalist Penny Ford and rapper Turbo B, and spawned a number of hit singles, including Ooops Up, Mary Had A Little Boy and Cult Of Snap!, as well as the iconic The Power (check out a live version of the track below, from shortly after its release).

[Ed: Regarding The Power – it was literally only a few weeks ago that the team here at 909originals realised Turbo B was actually rapping “it’s getting kinda hectic” rather than “it’s getting kinda heavy” during the track’s breakdown. But we digress… 🙂 ]

Released in May 1990, the album was soon certified gold in Australia, Austria, Sweden, the UK, and the US, and has sold more than seven million copies to date – not to mention 50 million streams on Spotify.

SNAP!’s influence on the Eurodance movement can be seen in the success of other acts that followed in their wake, such as Culture Beat, Haddaway, and Captain Hollywood Project. These groups all incorporated elements of SNAP!’s sound and style into their own music, and many of them also achieved commercial success in Europe and beyond.

Now, more than three decades on from its release, SNAP!’s World Power is set for a re-release, on a limited edition picture disc.

Released on 3 March by BMG, the album features eight tracks, and can be pre-ordered here. Time to dust off those leg warmers, stonewashed denim jackets and Global Hypercolour t-shirts and rewind back to the summer of 1990.


Side A
1 – The Power
2 – Ooops Up
3 – Cult of Snap!
4 – Believe the Hype

Side B

1 – I’m Gonna Get You (To Whom It May Concern)
2 – Witness the Strength
3 – Mary Had a Little Boy
4 – Blasé Blasé

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