Solid State Logic announces that it is expanding its line of Audio Creation Products (ACP) with SSL 12. The new SSL 12, priced at £333 ex.VAT / €399 + tax / $499, is a 12-in 8-out USB bus-powered audio interface that combines truly professional features, performance, and flexibility in a portable desktop format. 

Building on the success of ​ SSL 2 and SSL 2+ interface models, SSL 12 expands in almost every way; more microphone preamplifiers, enhanced headphone performance, advanced routing and monitor controls, ADAT input as well as next-gen converters delivering superior audio performance.

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Quality, Value, and Performance

SSL 12 is a high-quality, value-based, centerpiece for a home or project-based studio control room. Included are 4 SSL-designed microphone preamplifiers (with Mic/Line and HPF), 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs for guitars, bass, or vintage instruments, and 2 professional grade headphone outputs along with next-generation 32-bit /192 kHz AD/DA converters — guaranteeing pristine audio at all times. 

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