Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface

Solid Slate Logic has built its reputation on high-end studio gear and industry-leading plugins. And that reputation often comes at a premium price. They have long been the gold standard in audio processing, only obtainable by engineers at the top of their game.

But recent moves by the company have been made to offer more of their tools to the mass market, and their SSL2+ USB Audio Interface is their introduction to the world of budget audio interfaces.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

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What Is Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface?

Solid State Logic SSL 2+ Review

The SSL2+ interface has the excellent sound quality and solid construction that SSL is known for. It is equipped with two top-notch microphone/line/instrument inputs and 24-bit/192 kHz converters from well-respected manufacturer AKM. The SSL2+ gives you pro-studio sonics in a small package. It is housed in a solid-seeming, good-looking chassis and has Neutrik connectors and Alps pots. The SSL2+ can take a lot of wear and tear from being transported to different remote recording locations.

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