Soulwax have unveiled a remix of Marie Davidson’s track Y.A.A.M., following on from its release in March and to coincide with Davidson’s current tour.

Released on Soulwax’s DEEWEE imprint at the start of April, the remix follows on from a previous reworking of Davidson’s Work It, and is packaged in both digital and vinyl formats alongside the original track and a Y.A.A.M. acapella. You can download/stream it here.

“I’ve read somewhere that to be an artist, you have to be willing to sometimes go where it is the most uncomfortable,” Davidson said of the track, which was produced by longtime collaborator, Pierre Guerineau. “About a year ago, after receiving a very condescending email related to the business side of music making, I took the opportunity to write down how I felt about the words and the overall tone of arrogance of what I had just been sent.

“Quickly, I found myself having a bit too much fun, words flowing from my fingers to the screen, as I had never seen happen before. All sentences were brief and rhymed effortlessly. Soon enough, I realised that what I was writing was a song.

“Music was made as a pure act of catharsis, an exercise in telling things as they are in the most concise way. Y.A.A.M. is a testimony of living with passion and authenticity in a world that thrives on branding and transactional relationships. I found great pleasure in writing this track. Now that it’s time to share the work, I simply hope that it can inspire others to be who they are irreverently. Don’t mind the bad words, it comes straight from the heart.”

Davidson kicked off her tour in Manchester on 6 April, before heading to Sao Paulo in Brazil for two dates later this month. Other cities on the agenda include Barcelona (ES), Corsica (FR), Marseille (FR), Foligno (IT), Prague (CZ), Oslo (NO), Brest (FR), Paris (FR), Oira (IT), Ghent (BE), Brno (CZ), Lyon (FR), Norfolk (UK), and Groningen (NL), as well as London (UK).

Digital Tracklist

1 – Y.A.A.M. (Soulwax Version)

2 – Y.A.A.M.

3 –  Y.A.A.M. (A Cappella) – Download Only

Vinyl Tracklist

A1 – Y.A.A.M.

A2 – Y.A.A.M. (A Cappella)

B  – Y.A.A.M. (Soulwax Version)

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