phaseplant sound design

DNMO is a young producer with a polished and professional sound

Phase Plant is a semi-modular softsynth from Kilohearts that has been catching fire in the music production world for some time now. Its unique approach to sound design and top-quality processing has made it the go-to softsynth for many producers making more sound-design-driven genres like D&B.

DNMO is one such producer who has mastered the intuitive workflow and endless possibilities inside this synth. And with the release of his latest single on Deadbeat Records, we decided we would find out how he makes that magic happen using Phase Plant. 

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Stream DNMO’s Latest Single Below

DNMO’s latest release on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeat Records is a masterclass in modulated sound design. The sliding synths, grizzled textures, and energetic drop sections are a true testament to what you can do with a synth when you know it as well as DNMO knows Phaseplant.

This makes me all the more excited to check out more about how DNMO uses this powerful synth in his productions to get results as massive and powerful as in his latest track “Speed Of Light.” 

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