The melodic techno that Mathame has built their brand from thrives off of simple and often repetitious melodies played by synths with dense timbres and intricate modulations.  

And while software can get you close to the results this Italian-brother duo has seen over the years, nothing can compare to the simple complexity that hardware like the Arturia Polybrute brings to the table. 

In fact, it was the synth they most commonly reached for while producing their latest single.  

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Stream Mathame’s Latest Single Below

Listening to the duo’s latest single, you understand what they mean in the following interview by the phrase ‘simple complexity.’ The track masterfully leaves onto what is absolutely necessary, giving the vocal all the more space to shine through.

The end result is an infectious groove that gets locked in your head and never leaves. 

And while Mathame keeps a few of their secrets on what tools were needed to make the track come together, it’s evident how influential the Arturia Polybrute was in the creation of this song which makes me all the more excited to check out how the duo used the hardware synth to craft such a phenomenal track. 

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