Analog gear like the Korg MS-20 offers a unique approach to music production that no soft synth can replicate. Because hardware forces you to be way more hands-on with your productions, capturing random moments and irregular sonics that physical synth makes when you’re recording.  

That being said, they often have a catch…

Looking at synths, especially semi-modular synths like the Korg MS-20 can be incredibly intimidating for newer producers working with tools like Serum or Sylenth1. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

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RTIK is an incredibly talented producer whose signature sound is built using the Korg MS-20 to its full potential and landed him releases on David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records and Lauren Mia’s label too! We had the opportunity to sit down with the Italian producer to learn how he makes such excellent patches out of this seemingly-complicated semi-modular synth. 

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