London-based electronic producer Sounds Of Fractures, AKA Jamie Reddington, has dropped his new electronic swing EP “IRL” following a series of well-received singles and a groundbreaking EP in 2021. It’s a collective work of skillful production with a deep-rooted meaning of self-doubt, something every aspiring artist can relate to. 

Fusing atmospheric sounds to compose a sophisticated yet mellow sound, “IRL” demonstrates how Sounds of Fracture is pushing boundaries.

Each track has its unique character, though each one holds an element of dance and nostalgic blooms – it’s the type of feeling you get from a Bonobo track, though Sounds Of Fractures portrays this differently. “IRL” kicks off with an electronic swing track ‘Ultraviolet’ which boasts crisp drums, spooky synth sounds, and UK garage-influenced basslines. 

It progresses and finishes with “Sunflowers,” demonstrating a developing track from start to finish. It stands out amongst the crowd with beautiful LFOs, genius light vocal samples, and perfectly arranged structure.

EP Cover Art - Sound of Fractures

EP Cover Photo

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IRL is an honest exploration of Jamie’s life through music and further explores a deep vulnerability in himself and how this feeling is familiar to most. 

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