Apple’s latest attempt to change the audio world is through spatial audio. But what exactly is spatial audio and why should dance music care about another industry buzzword?

Up until now, I would say they shouldn’t!

But recent news doubles down on the industry giant’s commitment to sound and DJ mixes. This move is set to change the game for DJs and lovers of dance music.

Now let’s see exactly why fans of the genre should take note of this budding technology now more than ever. 

You can check out exclusive interview with the techno legend who is partnering with Apple to bring this vision to life right here.

What DJ Mixes In Spatial Audio Means For Dance Music

The biggest hardship of DJ mixes comes from splitting royalties. Everyone deserves to get their cut of the pie but the nature of DJ mixes often makes it trickier than most other methods of generating these royalties.

But Apple’s Spatial Audio, and the move to include DJ mixes, revolutionizes the concept as Apple is soon launching technology that gives accurate royalty payouts for the creators involved in the DJ mixes! 

Until now, most music included in DJ mixes never saw a penny for their productions and releases. But come this fall, that will be a thing of the past.

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