SPD-SX Pro Review

Live performers are constantly looking for new tools to add to their arsenal to help elevate the show that they can put on for their fans. And while it can be easy for vocalists, guitarists, and more to add flash to their performance, percussionists have usually left to their own devices at the back of the stage. 

But Roland’s latest iteration of their popular SPD-SX drum pad, the SPD-SX Pro, arms drummers and percussionists with a suite of powerful tools that all come packaged in a small and durable sampling and performance pad. 

We got one of these pads to review, and after taking it on the road and using it extensively in the studio, we were super impressed by what we found. But we also had some gripes about it too. So let’s dive into what we thought about this percussive powerhouse built for experimentation. 

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