‘Silver Linings EP’ marks the return of Spencer Brown to Last Night On Earth (LNOE) after his well-received remix for Dubspeeka’s ‘Geb’.

This time the 27-year old provides a double-tracker EP that reflects his brand of forward-thinking dance music that defies quick-shifting industry trends.The sound of the EP shows more of Spencer’s stripped-back side, with both tracks hitting the spot. Using minimal elements and effects, the listener gets drawn in for a sweet and mysterious ride on ‘Cumulonimbus Incus’ while saving the monstrous heavy drums for ‘Sea Caverns’, a proper club banger.

 “Silver Linings EP was entirely written during the lockdown. I’m a big fan of atmospheric, more experimental progressive, and techno, and lockdown provided me with the time to experiment in this vein of production. Once I wrote Cumulonimbus Incus (named after the soaring feeling of my favorite cloud) and Sea Caverns (named after the sonar pulse and deep-sea bass), I sent the music to Sasha, one of my biggest inspirations. I’m absolutely honored that he loved the music, and Last Night on Earth was the perfect fit for these sounds. While these were written in a dark place during the lockdown, getting signed by one of my heroes turned out to be a silver lining of endless studio time,” Spencer Brown says. 

Spencer Brown’s EP debut on LNOE is available now (from July 16) across all digital platforms.

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