Esteemed composer and pianist Henrik Lindstrand presents his new album ‘Klangland’, out via One Little Independent, on March 10th, recorded in Berlin by engineer Francesco Donadello and conducted by The London Contemporary Orchestra’s Robert Ames.

Following the release of his lauded solo piano trilogy, Henrik Lindstrand felt the need to expand his vision, in doing so he embarked on his most challenging sonic journey to date in a bid to discover new instrumental narratives and ways to convey emotion through concentrated melody alone. 

It’s a hunt that has defined his musical career so far, and on ‘Klangland’, his fourth studio album, he took an exacting approach to the process, utilizing a stirring 16-piece string section.

He tells us that new single ‘Post’ was 

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“the last piece that I wrote for the album and again, I wanted to write a piece that was dedicated to the string section. I had this idea pictured in my head; the final scene of an Italian movie from the late 1950s. Where the protagonist takes her big car and drives along the coast of Western Italy and then the closing titles come. Basically, a metaphor for what was going through my mind when writing, and the introduction came as a tag addition later because I also wanted it to sound a bit more modern, and not rely too much on the past”.

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