After the successful release of his collaboration with Oliver Heldens “Believe In Ghosts”, which was in the top 15 of UK Cool Cuts DJ charts after receiving massive support worldwide on Spotify and Apple Music, warner case comes back with a new extract from his next EP “dance music for dancing, vol. 3”.

This new single “let me know”, in collaboration with Vin Damato and Just Because, is a new clubby track for the New York City producer’s dance project, once again featuring his own vocals. Artistically positioned on a thin line between house and indie electronic music, “let me know” is a great representation of warner’s universe with his languishing vocal backed by mesmerizing production. 

Vin Damato and warner go way back, and they previously collaborated on “right with the groove”, one of the most streamed tracks from warner’s catalog. So it’s not surprising to see Vin Damato inviting their longtime friend Just Because on board of this new production.

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