Will Wallace - Drown - Cover R2

Artist Name/s Will Wallace

Release Name/s ‘Drown’

Record Label Self-Release

Release Date  21/04/2022

Fast-rising Producer and DJ prodigy Will Wallace is certainly wasting no time in showing his technical prowess and creative flair as his burgeoning project rapidly follows up 2022’s first accomplishment ‘Mind Blown’, with another stellar production that is starting to nurture Will a reputation that’s becoming hard to ignore. This month, he introduces ‘Drown’, a fresh track that’ll no doubt be going down a treat with listeners or industry tastemakers and peers that are catching onto the familiarity with what Will is doing as he starts to show not just quality, but the ability to follow up on his heavy hitting tracks. Will’s production HQ is clearly not collecting dust as another anthem emerges this Spring.

‘Drown’ is a hybrid underground-facing House production that bridges the gap between the darker dancefloor production style and commercially viable radio crossover work with precision by pairing buttery-smooth lead vocals with a combination of shuffled, classic Roland-esque hats and claps layered above punchy kicks that do the job of carrying the classic House beat that occasionally derails into volatility via crafty roll variations and staggered timing on pre-drop hits. Will’s production swagger shines in the rhythmic department as he brilliantly shapeshifts without notice between more vintage 90s style throwback House drum patterns on the main segments into futuristic, off the grid feeling rolls and buildups that take the famous drum structures of House music and place them thoroughly into the future to create this modern vibe.

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