Terry Golden hits again with another striking release via Blanco y Negro. In a hot stream of releases in collaboration with the influential Spanish label, Terry Golden introduces his latest production ‘Moonlight’ featuring singer Marcello Vieira, a hard-hitting track that has everything it takes to make the DJ and music producer reach new heights.

Coming from a busy schedule; between putting out powerful releases like ‘Red Zone’ featuring DJ Sightseer, important upcoming live performances at this year’s hottest festivals in Europe; Neversea and Ultra Europe, and the growing success of his weekly radio show ‘Art of Rave’, Terry Golden keeps pushing the boundaries delivering time and time again high-quality smash hits.

Now, he presents ‘Moonlight’ an almighty track with a hint of enigma and a big main stage rave vibe.

A growling bass makes for a solid foundation; an eerie synth pad adds a mysterious flavor, while the grandiose voice of Marcello Vieira belts out the notes of an intriguing yet enticing melody. Intense revving risers pump up the feel of urgency for the powerful drop that follows; all of this, supported by a pounding beat and even more intense sub bass that will definitely light up the dance floor. Future rave-like synths prepare the drops, as layers of pads and pitch-shifting leads add dynamic and an extra punch to this very impressive banger.

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