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Will Wallace is back once again with a new hard-hitting banger; ‘Look What You’ve Done’. The exceptional DJ and music producer is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, following the success of his previous releases this year, a modern House inspired track titled ‘Drown’, and the epic production ‘Mind Blown’ – he introduces this mammoth anthem that will continue to make 2022 his best year yet as he scales the mountain of the music industry.

This time, Will Wallace is ready to take his success to the next level – displaying his ingenuity, talent, signature sound and high-quality productions that define him and have put his name high up on the list of artists to follow up closely in 2022.

‘Look What You’ve Done’, comes just in time for the Summer and it’s not just the weather that’s getting hotter as Will is ticking all of the right boxes with this latest opus. Dusty throwback piano chords construct the background for the intro and set the scene for a masterful production that borrows elements from classic 90s House sonic colours fused with modern 2022-ready production techniques and Will’s technical prowess in abundance.

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