Squarepusher, otherwise known as Tom Jenkinson, is releasing a new album.

Dostrotime is the British artist’s first album since 2020’s Be Up Hello. In the years since, he’s released an EP, Lamental, and remixed artists such as GoGo Penguin and Danny Elfman. It’s inspired by the “novel, eerie, sublime silence” of lockdown.

“The cancellation of all live commitments meant the prospect of a year’s worth of itineraries, airport security, hotels, and no sleep was erased, and for some time I experienced a simple happiness not familiar in my adulthood,” Jenkinson explained. “In a way it reminded me of being a child, where one knows big and awful stuff happens on the horizon but the current moment is a blissful sanctuary.”

For more information on Jenkinson, check out his XLR8R feature here.


01. Arkteon 1
02. Enbounce
03. Wendorlan
04. Duneray
05. Kronmec
06. Arkteon 2
07. Holorform
08. Akkranen
09. Stromcor
10. Domelash
11. Heliobat
12. Arkteon 3

Dostrotime will land on March 1 via Warp. Meanwhile, you can stream “Wendorlan” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

Photo: Caspar Stevens

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