One of the best ways to get your own brand as a DJ out to the world is by hosting your own party and bringing in bigger DJs to headline while you play supporting slots. This model is easy enough to pull off in smaller cities but becomes a completely different endeavor if you’re wanting to start a fresh new party in a metropolis such as London or New York.

But Trutopia is one such duo that managed to pull off this seemingly-impossible feat and is not reaping the rewards. Their London-based party, NightMayors, was recently hailed by industry mainstay Ministry of Sound as being “the capital’s biggest house party.” and has not only helped the boys play amazing gigs but has also given them a platform on which to get signed with some of the biggest labels in the game. 

 Their latest release sees them teaming up with Greta Levska for a dreamy and atmospheric acid tune; out now on Get Physical. 

Stream ‘Lights Off’ Below


The track is a tasteful blend of ominous melodies and dystopian atmospheres that interweave around a chanting vocal line that pockmarks the arrangement. The track’s breakbeat percussions are groovy enough throughout the first half of the track, but the breakdown’s moment of breathtaking clarity gives just enough reprieve from the rhythm to make its impact that much more forceful in the finale of the record. 

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