steelrising review

Steelrising is a game with lofty ambitions from French developer Spiders. It is a challenging game similar to Dark Souls, where you play as Aegis, a clockwork “automat” who must battle other similar creations in a 1789 steampunky world set in an alternate history that brings a unique twist to the French Revolution. 

The studio is known for narrative-focused RPGs such as 2016’s The Technomancer and 2019’s Greedfall, which all were released to rave reviews. I loved the games, which made me all the more excited to dive into their latest title.

So let’s dive into our Steelrising review and see what we thought about smashing automatons during the reign of King Louis XVI.

What Is Steelrising?

Players in Steelrising take control of Aegis, a high-level automaton that serves as the bodyguard to Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette is currently residing in the Chateau de Saint-Cloud, but she is aware that the streets of Paris are becoming increasingly unstable. She orders Aegis to go into the heart of Parsi and find her creator, Eugene de Vaucanson, who may hold the key to stopping Louis XVI and his battalion of deadly automatons, who are hell-bent on slaughter and bringing violent ends to all who reside in the city.

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