Although Submotive may be a relatively new alias, James Davidson is no stranger to the label with an album as well as countless other releases as one half of Ulterior Motive under his belt. Not to mention the soon to be released album alongside Goldie under their Subjective guise. Krakota has been forging his reputation in drum and bass for over a decade now, with some huge productions propping up an eclectic back catalogue.

The outcome of James Davidson and Krakota coming together is two tracks that would be at home in a dark, intimate club setting and also on a festival stage, which is a testament to the energy and excitement both Submotive and Krakota manage to generate from their music.

As can be expected from the Metalheadz camp, these two tracks are two impeccably produced weapons that will destroy any dance floor. The rave stabs on ‘Tell Me’ are infectious and the drop will make you feel like you need a shower after it has delivered its absolutely filthy low end! This track is an absolute bomb! ‘Poisoned’ has those infectious drill sounds that every drum and bass head loves, and the vocal is an thing of true beauty… all of which sit on top of a thunderous drum and bass track that I am sure we will be hearing a lot of over the coming months. Another fine example of what James Davidsom touches, turns to gold.

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