Frank Smoke-min

Your name is Frank; a too old for this, bloodshot-eyed, mohawk-wearing, cigar-chomping asshole living in the dystopian noir hell hole streets of London. You got kicked out of the Jolly Hangman pub and deserved it.

Rain pours down as you lift your head from the neon-soaked pavement. The connected alley echoes the bloody sound of someone late on their payments. You owe a lot of quid too; the alley falls silent- he’s coming for you next. 

Down, but not out, you’re tasked with getting Frank back on his feet again. It’s been two years since the failed heist left him here, and it’s time to get a new gang together in a classic criminal fashion. 

Sunday Gold is a point-and-click turn-based RPG that houses an eclectic cast of characters with absolutely nothing to lose. The accomplices include Sally, the brains and brawn of the operation, and Gavin, a jittery, sometimes hallucinogenic, tech-savvy genius. 

Gavin has a bone to pick with his ex-employer Hogan Industries, and this is where it all starts. What could go wrong?

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