Let's get to work and get the loot.

Let’s get to work and get the loot.

It’s not easy being a hacker, locksmith, and weight lifting champion all at the same time. Your time in the London underground will be full of obstacles that will be in your way, but fear not, with these hints you won’t even have to save scum your way to the best gear in the game. Ok maybe you will.

Remember! Before attempting any minigames keep in mind that your composure affects your ability to attempt hacking, lockpicking, and strength minigames! If one of your characters is freaking out, top them up with consumables that boost composure so that you’re not hindered during your attempts.

Sally’s Strength Minigame

Using Sally, you will come across certain objects that require her physique. Using left-click and right-click or ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys, balance the arrow into the highlighted zone by the time the audio/visual que goes off. 

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