After last years sell out relaunch at Notting Hill Carnival, the Sunday West Soundsystem is back at Loft Studios for our annual Bank Holiday jam on August 27th. This year we present ‘A Family Affair’ curating a stellar line up of blood related headliners that are part of the family, and are family! The faces are familiar, but we realised there was a super fun dynamic that could happen here that suits our unique spirit and party atmosphere.

With Brixton Brewery and Market Row Rum once again bringing the party sauce, we welcome back one of our long time original residents Chloe Fontaine. We’ve missed Chloe’s high tempo energy sets and she’ll be b2b with her brother Seb. Seb Fontaine only happens to be one of the most famous and versatile House music DJ’s in the world, so that’s a plus. Both West Londoners too, we might as well add. Important fact.

Or resident headliner Bushwacka! (zero introduction needed) goes b2b with his son, Oliver Moon, himself blazing quite a trail on the underground circuit with the current generation in the HAT scene. Bushwacka! murdered the courtyard in 22, the two of them will terrorise the main room this year. Expect straight rollers from Father & Son!

“Da” next pairing, garage legend Norris da Boss Windross and his lad Jnr Windross, is a fusion of old skool and nu skool that blends seamlessly, classic house and garage vibes with a sprinkling of nu gen sounds. Both Norris and Daniel tore down the party last year in different sets, the logic says let them loose together. Bangers.

A Sunday West Party ain’t no party without some jungle thrown in and this one was a no-brainer. West London’s very own Nicky Blackmarket will be throwing down the old skool vibes with daughter Millz, now one of the scenes most popular young female drum and bass dj’s. These two will shut down the party expect all the classics and flying tea bags. Daddy Daughter Duties of a different kind!

Although they’re not technically related, the next b2b pairing have been doing their thing since the beginning of this game. Rave flyers from 88 / 89? Amongst the few names you see from this hallowed foundation period are Jumpin Jack Frost and Richie Fingers. They’re both going to go back in to time and give us an education in house music. Over 30 years of rave history together makes them basically siblings.

Sunday West residents (and therefore family) Nick James and Leroy Roberts are going B2B to drop what we know will be a set of pure house music magic. Both have a serious ear for a tune, and never fail to deliver absolute class. I get a feeling a a deep and groovy vinyl set is on the cards.

You-Beht, the twins! Original Sunday West residents these 2 had to be on the bill. Trying to work out who’s who behind the decks is always fun, they both love to DJ as much as party, often at the same time. Pure west siders who drop the rolling tech double time. Twinning!

Sticking to our policy of West side talent, we welcome Kaz Daniels and Jake Murray to the party for the first time. 2 guys from Grove, playing all genres of house music – producing, playing out and killing it wherever they go, these two will bring the flavour of the local community into the dance.

Lords of the microphone MC’s Sharky P, Foxy and Chalkie White will be with us through the dance, chatting and hosting across the sets. 2023 kicks off with the courtyard sound system at 4pm, and we roll through in to the main room until 3am.

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