A collection of swinging house, broken-beat techno, and generative art.

We’re ready to unveil the 32nd edition of XLR8R+, and it comes minted as an NFT!

When discussing which artists to feature this month, we opted to keep it simple: we picked three names we’ve been listening to recently in the XLR8R offices here in Los Angeles. We wanted to go back to basics, which is to present quality music and support artists who we feel deserve more recognition for their work. It’s not always the best music that gets played.

The edition begins with Sweely, an often overlooked gem of a French electronic music scene, known for his jazz-tinged, swinging house jams. He’s delivered two tracks for this edition, “Always a Problem” and “Love Program,” which will both feature in his live set when touring opens up.

Next, we have Imogen, a rising London talent with one of the first productions she has made in over a year. “Playing Games,” which captures the optimism of summer, is a more upbeat take on the broken techno she’s released so far.

We close the edition with Galaxy Lane, a regular on Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic, with “Don’t Read The Manual,” a dark electro cut with a title and ethos that sums up his raw analog style of music.

The artwork this month also comes from Galaxy Lane’s hand and, for the first time, it’s available as an audio-visual NFT, minted on the Polygon (Matic) chain, plus the same static formats we have offered every month. As with all the content in the XLR8R+ offering, the NFT will be available exclusively to subscribers and can easily be claimed whether or not you have experience in the NFT space or not and will include the full package embedded in the NFT and downloadable via your wallet’s collection on XNFT!

Subscribers can claim the NFT here.

Thanks for your continued support.

The XLR8R Team.


01. Sweely “Always A Problem”
02. Sweely “Love Program”
03. Imogen “Playing Games”
04. Galaxy Lane “Don’t Read The Manual”

Tracks one, two, and three were mastered by Kamran Sadeghi. Track four was mastered by Galaxy Lane.

The music, PDF zine, and wallpaper art can be downloaded once you SUBSCRIBE HERE. If you’re already a subscriber, you can download the package below.

Subscribers can also head here to claim XLR8R+032 as an NFT. If you already have a wallet, the NFT will be airdropped to your address and those new to crypto and the NFT space will be guided to download and set up a wallet in an easy-to-use process. You will need to verify your subscription with the email you used to subscribe to XLR8R+.

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