Shervin Lainez

Shervin Lainez

I was lucky enough to chat with Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso to talk about their fourth album, No Rules Sandy, which was released on August 12th. 

Interview with Sylvan Esso

While the album has been received well by both critics and fans, ironically, Sylvan Esso was not intentionally set out to make an album when they started working on songs. 

“We were driving out to California to do some songwriting sessions but also because the Grammy’s were at the end of the month and we wanted a change of pace. So the record itself appeared once the Omicron spiked and everything got cancelled”. – Meath

“The album told us it was an album. We were making all these songs and they were coming so easily…it felt very unexpectedly natural…there was almost no premeditation it was almost more about ‘how do we feel today?’ ‘what is this song gonna be like?’ and once we got to the end of all that we realized we had this set of songs that felt very much like this exact moment that we were in and probably because it was made so fast, without any preconception of what we wanted to do, we just did what felt right on each given day”. – Sanborn 

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