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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial – How to Sidechain Reverb Sends in Ableton Live

26 August 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank show how you can sidechain your reverb sends in Ableton Live using a few simple techniques. Sidechain compression is a ducking effect that can be used to separate different elements in your track. It usually works by one element being sidechained by another and cancelling out a certain sound or […]

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How It Was Made: Jonas Hibiki – Big Blue

30 April 2021

Jonas Hibiki Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes Norwegian producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jonas Hibiki has released his new album Big Blue that takes listeners into a washed out psychedelic universe. It’s like entering a similar world to Tame Impala with a dash of Anderson .Paak funk and the Nordic ability to write pop and dance records. […]

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Spotlight: How to Create Organic Percussion & Textures in Ableton Live – Point Blank Techtorial

8 April 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank demonstrate how you can add gorgeous textural percussion to your tracks, giving your song a more organic feel. Much like the percussion used in Maya Jane Coles’ excellent, “Something In The Air,” Point Blank Course Developer, Chris Martin, will take you through the steps to create something similar in Ableton […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial: See Every New Ableton Live 11 Audio Effect in Action

18 March 2021

Ableton Live 11 Point Blank via Point Blank Following the highly-anticipated release of Ableton Live 11, Point Blank have created a tutorial, exploring all of the DAW’s new audio effects in-depth, showcasing what they can do and how it all works. During the video, Chris Martin, a Point Blank Course Developer, runs through the different […]

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Ableton Live 11 Released – Magnetic Magazine

23 February 2021

via Ableton If you haven’t opening your DAW today, this is your notice. Ableton Live 11 is available today. The update was first announced back in November 2020 and comes with loads of features that producers have been looking for. It includes comping, MPE support, new audio effects, an emphasis on parameter randomization, a new […]

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