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Why Traveling Is The Best Way for a Student to Learn Something New

27 October 2022

Contents Relax and unwind It gets you out of your comfort zone Experience new cultures Create memories Live in the present moment Conclusion School is one of the best places to expand your knowledge in the world of academia. However, when it comes to learning important life lessons, traveling offers an enriching experience.  Whether it’s […]

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Music in Media Panel: Point Blank Music Futures 22 @ Fabric

21 September 2022

Point Blank recently teamed up with the iconic fabric London venue for an exclusive careers festival and networking event – Music Futures. The event, which took place on May 18th from 11 am – 4 pm, saw music and education giants give Point Blank’s past, current, and future students the best advice on how to […]

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Game-Based Learning: Top 6 Reasons To Use Video Games In Education

9 August 2022

Contents Video Games Can Boost Memory Skills Games Can Improve Focus Gamification and Learning They Teach Learning from Failures Gaming Can Facilitate Experiential Learning They’re About Having Fun Final Thoughts Playing video games is mostly seen as a hobby adolescents and children have. In the media, video games are portrayed as bad, as they can […]

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7 Rapid-Recovery Tips To Avoid The Post-Festival Blues

9 June 2022

Help yourself avoid the depths of despair after a weekend of peak highs Photo by Daniel Reche Ah, the dreaded Monday morning blues. After a weekend of late nights, and extreme highs of music, friends, and atmosphere, it can be difficult to return to “normal” life.  Recently a close friend of mine texted me after […]

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