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Ambient House

Finding Eclectic Music For Your DJ Sets: Where Duke Boara Does His Cratedigging

11 October 2022

Charlie Sarsfield Duke Boara’s signature sound is a culmination of a multitude of influences, sounds, and textures; it’s eclectic to put it lightly. And while many producers attempt such a sound in their own music, few pull it off with as much cohesion and decisiveness as Duke.  And this individuality goes well beyond his own […]

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Jacob Waxman’s Guide To Ambient Vocal Production For Melodic House Music

6 July 2022

Contents Does Your Track Even Need Vocals?  Finding Good Vocalists To Work With  Choosing Amazing Ambient Vocal Takes and Samples How To Communicate What You Want To The Vocalist Processing Chains For Ambient Vocals The Secret Weapon Every Ambient Vocal Producer Needs  Creative Hacks For Phenomenal Vocal Productions Arranging Ambient Vocals In Your Productions 4 […]

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