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Analog Cases

Producer Spotlight: Create The Perfect Hard Case Solution with the Unison Custom Edition From Analog Cases

16 July 2021

Analog Cases Before Customization Analog Cases Analog Cases has many different options for synths, controllers, audio interfaces and more, but what about creating something specifically for your unique setup? The new Unison Custom Edition hard case solves this problem with perforated foam inserts that can be pulled away to create the exact spacing you need […]

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Producer Spotlight – Zen And The Art of Gear Protection, Meet The New UNISON Case For Maschine+ and MK3

15 June 2021

Can you feel the Zen of knowing that your Maschine+ or MK3 is fully protected with the new UNISON Hardcase from Analog Cases? If you are a Maschine user then you know how wonderfully portable this unit is and what a great tool it is for creating in more unconventional spaces. Analog Cases has just […]

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On The Road With Analog Cases – How To Stay Inspired, Creative, and Keep Your Gear Safe

3 May 2021

We have been through one insane year, with ups and downs, and sadly no live music or festivals to speak of, aside from virtual ones. If you are an artist or a DJ you have been forced to innovate, rethink things, and often face massive bouts of creative blocks. The good news is that with […]

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Spotlight: Meet The Sustain Mobile Producer Backpack, Perfect For Moving Multiple Pieces of Gear At Once

11 February 2021

If you are a producer that uses hardware in your live performances or even when jamming in other peoples studios, the Sustain Backpack is calling your name. The concept is simple, create a versatile, sturdy, and comfortable backpack that holds multiple pieces of hardware. Meet the Analog Cases Sustain Backpack.  Thanks for watching!Visit Website If […]

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