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Analog Synth

Behringer MonoPoly Review: An Affordable Alternative To The Iconic 80s Synth

10 November 2022

As more intricate and complex softsynths hit the market, there seems to be a parallel uptick in analog gear, almost directly responding to the oversaturation of sound-design-heavy software in modern music. And no era of music is more well-known for its lush and warm analog gear than the 80s; the true wild west of analog […]

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Sound Design With The Korg MS-20: How RTIK Makes Incredible Patches For His Music

19 September 2022

Analog gear like the Korg MS-20 offers a unique approach to music production that no soft synth can replicate. Because hardware forces you to be way more hands-on with your productions, capturing random moments and irregular sonics that physical synth makes when you’re recording.   That being said, they often have a catch… ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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How To Process Analog Synths To Get An Original Sound In Your Productions

9 September 2022

Hardware synths may not come with as many bells and whistles as a synth such as Serum, but hardware synths’ warm timbres and hands-on approach to generating ideas make them the obvious choice for many producers.  And to get a truly unique sound out of the basic oscillators on hardware synths, producers need to go […]

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Moog’s Etherwave Theremin Adds Convenience To An Already Classic Sound.

17 May 2022

Moog’s Theremin synthesizer has never been an easy instrument to play.  But the Theremin makes up for its steep learning curve by being the single most expressive synthesizer one can can get their hands. But still, the learning curve of the Moog Theremin still deterred many would-be fans for decades as it’s intrinsic nature made […]

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