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Apple Music

Spatial Audio Now Allows DJ Mixes

20 April 2022

Apple’s latest attempt to change the audio world is through spatial audio. But what exactly is spatial audio and why should dance music care about another industry buzzword? Up until now, I would say they shouldn’t! But recent news doubles down on the industry giant’s commitment to sound and DJ mixes. This move is set […]

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Apple Music Using Shazam Technology For DJ Mixes

10 September 2021

Apple Music Apple bought Shazam in 2018 and there have been various implementations into the overall iOS, but now we see its application for DJs. They are building on Shazam tech to help identify tracks in DJ mixes hosted by Apple Music that will allow them to pay out rightsholders. Apple Music first rolled out […]

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Apple Music Launches 400 Label Pages For Majors & Indies

9 June 2021

Apple Music Apple Music Apple Music has started rolling out pages for labels. Apple Music has crated 400 label pages with labels ranging from majors like Capitol and Def Jam to mid-size indies like XL Recordings and Dead Oceans. They are built almost the same as artist pages and can be found in the search […]

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Apple Music Adding Lossless, Spatial Audio For No Additional Cost Next Month

17 May 2021

via Apple Apple Music is giving its listeners high quality, lossless audio and spatial audio through Dolby Atmos next month. It is doing so without any additional cost. Normally, these hi-def audio tiers cost an additional $5 to $10, but Apple, with its size and capital, can afford to do this, one assumes. The company […]

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