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How To Write Catchy Vocals: Brando Shares His Secrets To Writing Hooks That Stay With You

2 December 2022

Contents Why is writing a catchy hook so hard? How can you tell when you’ve written a catchy vocal? When in the creative process should you start writing vocal sections? Where do you start writing a vocal to get the catchiest results? What are your main four strategies for creating a catch vocal melody? Full […]

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Joachim Pastor and Joris Delacroix Celebrate Their Latest Single With An Exclusive Mix

2 December 2022

A couple of weeks ago, we had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with two of Armada’s most talented producers to pick their brains about the benefits producers can find from collaborating on a track. And while that interview was packed with a ton of high-value knowledge and golden nuggets of wisdom, the duo wanted […]

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7 Ways To Make Progressive House Productions Hit Harder In A Club

19 July 2022

Contents Stream Enamour’s Latest Remix Here!!! Use Silence To Create Contrast In Your Productions Include Moments That Are “Weak” Less Is More Tension Needs A Good Payoff In Progressive House Prep Your Dance Floor For What Is To Come Kick Drums Are King: Full Stop Have One Element Assist Another Element To Create Peak Moments […]

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Anjunadeep’s Durante takes over remix duties for Bookah Shade’s ‘Fire & Rain’ and we learned how it all came together in this week’s How It Was Made

4 July 2022

Durante is on a fast track to becoming a house hold name in the melodic house and progressive scene.  Already racking up releases on labels such as Armada, Anjunadeep, and Last night On Earth, his production chops and skills behind the decks have awarded him collaborations with the likes of Diplo and Amtrac.  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Tinlicker

17 May 2022

Tinlicker’s unique blend of emotional songwriting and explosive energy has quickly caught fire in the progressive house world over the past few years.  But longtime fans of the duo will remember the bands roots and know that Tinlicker has been on the path to stardom for decades.  Having landed their early releases on Feed Me’s […]

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Ferry Corsten Brings The Nostalgia With House-Inspired Collaboration with Dustin Husain

22 April 2022

It is always a treat when legends at the top of their game return to the roots of dance music, and that’s exactly what is offered with Ferry Corsten’s latest single; ‘Timeout.’ In collaboration with Dustin Husain, ‘Timeout’ features a sonic pallet and vibe that is decades in the making. The infectious plucks of the […]

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Liner Notes: Stereoclip – Echoes (Album Review)

20 January 2022

Stereoclip Echoes Album Cover Art Armada Music Maxime Merkpoel, better known as Stereoclip, began his journey ten years ago in Brussels. Maxime ended 2021 with a beautiful and majestic album release out now on Armada Music called Echoes. This album reflects on the decade of the ups and downs of his project. As you listen to […]

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