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Audeze Headphones

Headphone Review – Audeze’s Euclid Brings A New Closed Back Model to their IEM lineup

4 April 2022

Audeze’s Euclid MSRP $1299 Audeze has been on our shortlist of go-to headphones for the last few years, but one of the most significant issues with their cans is that they don’t travel well, aka they are pretty big. So what about their IEMs? The LCDi3 is a fantastic pair of buds; however, if you […]

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29 June 2021

The dog days of summer are already upon us and it’s only June? Here in the Mile High City we have been getting pummeled with triple-digit heat, blown our ACs, and on a positive note – a lot of reopening of restaurants, concert venues, and even some festivals on the horizon. So we tried to […]

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Headphone Review: Audeze LCD-1 – Magnetic Magazine

29 April 2021

LCD-1 Headphones On Stand Audeze Audeze has a tradition of putting out high-end headphones for those who want great sound. This has been largely for the high-end section of the market for professionals, audiophiles and those who can afford to pay over $1,000 on headphones. The company has expanded its offerings to in-ear headphones, albeit […]

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Lucid Listening (March) – Fresh Vinyl Selections, Gear Tips, and All Things Home Audio

15 March 2021

This last year has been rough, but it has also been enlightening in some ways and forced us to regroup, rethink and relearn many things, including listening to music. For most of us, music was often a passive listening experience filled with playlists streaming into oblivion. Then suddenly, with more time and isolation on our […]

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