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Album Review: Axel Boman – Luz / Quest For Fire [Studio Barnhus]

11 April 2022

Axel Boman Pia Riverola With nearly ten years gone since Axel Boman blessed us with his debut album, Family Vacation, he’s making up for lost time here with an incredible double album due out this Friday on his own Studio Barnhus imprint. Sure, in between that time, we’ve been treated to some magnificent singles but […]

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Axel Boman Announces Two New Albums ‘LUZ’ & ‘Quest For Fire’ On Studio Barnhus

9 March 2022

Axel Boman Pia Riverola Axel Boman has announced two new solo albums titled LUZ and Quest For Fire, which will be released on the same day next month. That means 18 new songs from Boman will be available quite soon. The albums will feature Off The Meds frontman Kamohelo, Baba Stiltz, Bella Boo, Man Tear, […]

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