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Baby Audio

Spotlight – Baby Audio Launches New Crystalline Plugin

5 April 2022

Meet Crystalline The Next-Generation Algorithmic Reverb Regular Price: $99 /¬†Special Introductory offer: $49 | GET IT HERE Plugin formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX. Full Mac M1 compatibility. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website MAKE SPACE FOR LUSHNESS Crystalline is a state-of-the-art reverb plugin with a pristine and modern sound Gives you unprecedented creative control to shape […]

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Producer Spotlight – Have You Always Wanted A Mix Assistant? Well Now You Have One, Meet Smooth Operator

28 May 2021

Much like their other plugins, Baby Audio‘s Smooth Operator makes things just a bit easier, faster, and efficient. They fuse together complementary functions that can be easily tweaked to achieve incredible results that are intuitive and inspire creativity. Whether you use an onboard preset or experiment on your own, you will get fantastic results quickly. […]

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BABY Audio Launches Smooth Operator Plugin

27 April 2021

BABY Audio Smooth Operator Today, innovative audio company BABY Audio has announced its latest plugin, Smooth Operator. Smooth Operator is an Intelligent Signal Balancer that uses spectral processing to automatically resolve fatigued frequencies and bring out clarity. Smooth Operator combines resonance suppression, equalization and spectral compression into a singular and intuitive workflow. Its detection algorithm […]

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Producer Spotlight: Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid Plugin Brings Intuitive Controls and Endless Possibilities For Your Delays

15 April 2021

Get the Baby Audio Comeback Kid Plugin HERE Whether you are DJing or in the studio, there is no arguing that a suitable delay can bring some fantastic layers to beef up your sound or make things a little more intriguing for the listener. Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid is the perfect blend of easy-to-use controls […]

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Review: Baby Audio Spaced Out

16 March 2021

Recently, creative plugin maker Baby Audio released a new plugin set to breathe new life into a legendary piece of hardware. Which hardware could I be talking about? I’m referring to the one and only Roland Space Echo, one of the most used and recognizable echo effect units ever made.¬† It’s been recreated, emulated, copied, […]

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Producer Spotlight: Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor Brings Those Rich Details To Your Productions

11 March 2021

Baby Audio knows that it’s always the little things that can make a mix sound bigger, warmer, fatter, and, well, just better. When you listen to the sounds in the samples above, they sound fine; then the Parallel Aggressor kicks in with those details that just kick it up a notch like a fine seasoning. […]

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Producer Spotlight: Get Inspired With Baby Audio’s Spaced Out Plugin

18 February 2021

Baby Audio makes powerful and intuitive plugins that can help take your productions to the next level, from Super VHS with its amazing 80s warbly and wobbly lofi treatments to the Comeback Kid Delay, if you are looking add stylish textures these guys have an app for that… err plugin.¬† Super VHS – Full Editorial […]

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