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The Effects Of Urban Music On Electronica And The Sounds Of Dance Music

26 August 2022

Contents Stream Night Tales Latest Single, “Patient” How has urban music influenced electronica? How would electronica be different today if not for the influences of urban music? Where do you see the future of electronica over the next decade? How will urban music’s influence change as the commodification of dance music intensifies? Where would I […]

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The California Love Sample: What To Know About 2Pac’s Biggest Hit

10 August 2022

Contents What Sample Is In California Love?  “California Knows How To Party” Sample Fun Facts About “California Love” By Tupac Shakur The year is 1995, 2Pac was just released from prison and he’s already plotting his comeback into the limelight of the world of rap and hip-hop.  His single “California Love” would the track that would […]

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